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  • PaintGlow is the largest Paint Party tour in Europe. The brand owner and the headquarters are located in England. Paint Party Netherlands is the franchisee concept for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We sell the shows to event owners and organizers in these countries, provide the Paint & Glow store at the location and operate a web shop with Glow Paint Products.

    Given the enormous success abroad, we expect sold-out venues in the Netherlands, where the Paint Glow Paint Party can be booked.
    The "Paint Glow Tour" in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is initiated by Paint Glow Netherlands. Venue owners and organizers provide their audience with this concept a particularly spectacular entertainment experience.

    With the help of professional confetti and co2 -cannons and UV bubble machines, we build the tension until the ultimate climax of color explosion. The countdown clock shows the time when the big guns and bazookas will start the spectacular UV paint explosions.
    Because of the many black light cannons, this is also a colorful spectacle for the audience. To complete this great experience and also to recall the good memories, you can visit our Paint & Glow store. Here you will find many different products, such as body and facial paint and shutter glasses. These can also be purchased in our UV Face / Body Paint web shop.

    For the PaintGlow UV Paint Party for venues up to 1,000 visitors we offer you the following options:

    PaintGlow UV PaintParty Basisshow (300-700 visitors)

  • Two entertainers serving all machines
  • Two large CO2 guns
  • UV confetti cannons
  • UV Bubble Machines
  • Double - dye injection gun
  • Two shotgun bazookas
  • Various single and double-paint blasters
  • 200 liters of fluorescent paint in six different colors
  • Eight black light cannons
  • Paint & Glow store with merchandise goods
  • PDF files for posters, flyers and mailings

    Price: € 1.895,- (plus VAT and travel costs € 150,00)

    PaintGlow UV PaintParty Basis+ (700 - 1200 visitors)

    For larger venues, we recommend an additional double-paint shot cannon, with which we can create the ultimate cross-fire effect.

    In addition to the basic package: € 300.00 excl VAT + extra 100 Liters of paint

    PaintParties (under 200 visitors)

    For Paint Parties under 300 people, we have a "do it yourself" - assembled kit. The kit is available in our webshop.

    * Expansion is possible with machines, paint, entertainers and DJ's.
    Price on request.


For bookings and further information please contact::

PaintParty Netherlands
Jacco Bijlsma
tel: 0031-(0)629756857
email: jacco@paintglow.nl

Or contact us using the following form:


Need large quantities?
Mail us: info@paintglow.nl
We deliver quickly and worldwide
we comply with all European directives and legislation
Our products are tested to the highest standard within the cosmetics industry

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