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Holi Powder Package 5 x 10 kg

Holi Powder Package 5 x 10 kg
Holi Powder Package 5 x 10 kg
Purple Holi powder paint to throw at each other. Intended for Holifeest, Collorrun etc. This Holi color powder is of excellent quality. Our Holy color powder is CE and NEN71 certified
€ 348,95
Price per 1
UV Holi Powder Package 5 x 10 kg 
Total 50 kg Holi color powder in 6 different colors. 
Total: 50 kg in 6 colors (Choice of: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange). 
Our Holi colored powder is certified and very safe. The Holi color powder consists of natural ingredients. 
The Holi color powder paint package are safe for intact skin, hair and environment. 
The Holi color powders are completely bio-degradable. 
This holipoeder is widely used as a powder festival, event powder, holi color powder.


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