Handheld Holi Powder Shooter 70 gr
Handheld Holi Powder Shooter 70 gr
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Handheld Holi Powder Shooter 70 gr

Handheld Holi Powder Shooter 70 gr

PaintGlow Handheld Holi Poeder Kanon ideaal voor Color Run, Holi Festival, Holi poeder feest, Kleurenloop en alle evenementen waarbij verschillende kleuren Holi-poeder de lucht in worden gegooid en ge

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We deliver exclusive the Handheld Holi Powder Canon / Shooter ideal for Color Run, Holi Festival Holi powder feast, Color Walk and all events where different colors of Holi powder are thrown into the air or shot into the air.

Available in colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange.
The Holi color powder shooters contain 70 grams Holi powder and this is supplied separately.
Holi color powder that is used in the shooters / cannons is made of 100% rice flour and food coloring.
* Dimensions tube: 29 x 5 x 5 cm
* Weight Holipowder: 70 grams per tube
* Safe and harmless and for single use.



PaintGlow Colored Holi Powder Handheld Shooter

Holi paint powder, play powder, color powder or party powder to play with and throw together into the air. Intended for Holifestival, Colorrun etc.

PaintGlow Holi colors powder shooters / guns / cannons

Our colored Holipowder is of excellent quality and is CE and NEN71 certified : safe for skin / body and its surroundings / environment.
The Holi powder is made from 100% natural ingredients. Our Holi color powder is so pure, natural, biodegradable and sustainably produced;

Handheld Holi Powder Color Smoke Confetti Cannon Shooter

Although Holi color powders are very safe, we want to expressly state that the use is entirely at your own risk.
We recommend to put on old clothes while using the Holipowder.



Need large quantities?
Mail us: info@paintglow.nl
We deliver quickly and worldwide
we comply with all European directives and legislation
Our products are tested to the highest standard within the cosmetics industry

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