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Glow in the Dark products are made of paint that glows in the dark. They also emit light when blacklight or UV light is off. That gives a super effect with a “blackout” of light. Glow in the Dark paint is always charged first by blacklights, UV light or body heat and then glows in the dark. The paint contains special Glow in the Dark ingredients that make this possible. Glow in the Dark Paint or Glow in the Dark Make-Up glows brighter with blacklights than UV or Fluorescent Paint. The Glow in the Dark paint is also visible in daylight, but it does not light up.
Invisible green Glow in the Dark paint
Are you looking for something different? Then we have something special, exclusive and spectacular for your party. Buy the surprise effect of the invisible green Glow in the Dark paint. You put on the paint and it is invisible in normal daylight. In blacklight, UV light or body heat, it charges and gives light and continues to glow in the dark! Buy your invisible green Glow in the Dark paint here.

UV or Fluorescent products also give a spectacular effect on your party. You get the effect of UV or fluorescent products through the effect of blacklight and UV light on the paint. The paint lights up and is fluorescent. In normal light, the paint is visible, only the UV or fluorescent products no longer give extra light.

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