Glow in the dark wall and material paint
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Glow in the dark wall and material paint

Glow in the dark wall and material paint

One of the strongest possible water-based Glow in the Dark paint products available on the market that turns walls and materials into magically glowing objects in the dark.

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GlowPaint from MagPaint 250 ML:

- A transparent / invisible water-based wall paint that turns walls and materials in the dark into magically glowing objects.
- No unpleasant smells and safe to use indoors.
- Quick and easy to apply with a roller or brush.
- Clean tools with water.
- With 30 minutes of exposure, the paint is visible in the dark for 25 hours


GLOWPAINT contains a special pigment that produces UV light with a short wavelength
absorbs. This light is not visible to humans, but preserves the pigment
the energy from this light. Energy is also lost during this storage.
The energy that the pigment loses in the form of light has a longer one
wavelength, which is perceptible to humans as a greenish glow
can be applied.


Nice gift to give during the holidays. Make different figures or a name in a child's room with Glow Effect!

Looking for a bit of magical and atmospheric light in the dark?
Make glow in the dark stars!
With GLOWPAINT from MagPaint you create luminous masterpieces!


Easily transform an ordinary children's bedroom into a magical space station
or fairytale paradise. Paint a real one using a template
starry sky or cute animals that appear when the lights go out. Or
make a drawing on the wall and paint it over with GLOWPAINT so that
it is also visible in the dark. The possibilities are endless.


GLOWPAINT can also be useful in business. For example by the
"Signposting" of the escape routes and emergency doors if the lighting
fails. Quick and easy to apply.

The magic comes to life when the lights go out.

-Good quality luminous paint.
-More layers enhance the luminous effect.
-Charges in direct sunlight in 40 seconds.
-Charges in daylight in 1-30 minutes.
-Use on white surface.
-Practically odorless.

It is best to pre-treat an exterior wall with a white primer first. Then you can apply the Glow in the dark paint with a roller or brush. For a single coat of 1 square meter you need 0.1 liter of paint. It has not yet been tested for outdoor use, but is technically possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this, so there is a small chance that you will have to apply it again after a few months. You will get an even brighter effect anyway. For 50 m2 you need 5 liters of the glow in the dark paint.


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